Gadgets: Spy X18 The Beacon Bluetooth Speaker

By GolfWRX

Playing music on the golf course has become both acceptable and convenient at many golf courses and driving ranges, and as a result more and more golf-specific gadgets have become available.

You might already have a bluetooth speaker at home, but some models are better for golf than others. Take Spy’s X18 Bluetooth Speaker, for example. It’s designed to fit in a cup holder, which means it won’t fall out of your golf cart when you punch the gas.

If you’re not riding, you can hang it from your golf bag with a handy carabiner. And although we can’t endorse the behavior, there’s also a mic and speakerphone should you need to take a call on the golf course.

Here’s what else you need to know about Spy’s X18 Bluetooth Speaker. 

It’s durable

–It has a molded outer silicone shell skin for durability.

–It’s water resistant, good if you spill drinks or it rains.

–It’s IPX6 water-resistant, and drop-proof from up to 1.2 meters (that’s about the length of your driver, folks).


Good battery life

–Boasts 15-hour battery life of full max volume playback, good enough for about three rounds of golf.

–Built-in 2200 mAh class A high capacity rechargeable lithium battery


Sound-quality is “up to par”

–The Spy X18 is equipped with dual 400mm speaker drivers and dual passive radiator, made for enhanced bass and consistent sound quality.

–It’s rated power 6W with 360-degree surround stereo sound

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